Entertainment and Arts

Melissa loves art of all types. She grew up on the local Dallas, Texas music scene, attending all age shows in Deep Ellum. She’s always stayed connected to music and enjoys experiencing all other types of art and entertainment, from film and theater, to exploring art galleries in the Dallas Design District and Oak Cliff, to enjoying a fashion show showcasing a local fashion designer’s new collection.

If you’re an artist or creative individual, you need consultation on business and intellectual property rights. Melissa wants to help promote your art in the world and make sure you’re protected when you do it.

Melissa can help musicians and artists of all types with the following:

  • Business consultation and formation;
  • Contract review and consultation, formation and negotiation;
  • Non-disclosure and Confidentiality agreements;
  • Copyright protection and enforcement;
  • Trademark applications and enforcement;
  • Cease and desist letters;
  • Licensing agreements and review and consultation;
  • Artist management;
  • Community and public relations

When you need a strong advocate forĀ  your art or entertainment business, you can trust that Melissa has your back.