Family Law

Melissa Thrailkill is a skilled lawyer and advocate, who enjoys helping her clients throughout every aspect of their divorce, child custody, child support or other family law issue. Her clients include individuals and couples who need an attorney for a variety of issues, including:

  • Young, professional couples who need pre-martial counseling and pre-marital (prenuptial) agreements;
  • Women and men who need divorce consultation and/or representation;
  • Individuals in need of custody, visitation and child support orders;
  • Business owners who need family law advice or pre-marital or post-marital agreements;
  • Businesses who work with women, children, and families that need training and consultation on family law issues facing the communities they serve;
  • Paternity establishment;
  • Couples looking to adopt, including step-parent adoption;
  • Grandparents and other non-parents who need consultation and/or representation on their legal rights;
  • Individuals who may be experiencing domestic violence and are in need of a protective order;
  • Same-sex (“non-traditional” families) who need assistance with child custody or visitation and child support;
  • Parents who need to modify or change their child support, child custody or visitation orders;
  • Parents who need help with mediation or reaching an agreement in their divorce or child custody and/or child support matter.

Melissa recognizes that every family is unique and she works to meet your needs in a creative and passionate manner. She has experience with mediation and negotiation, as well as a strong history of courtroom and trial experience. You can feel confident with Melissa on your side.